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Professional Japanese translation for an ICANN business letter and complaint was provided to a client.

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Professional Japanese Translation of a Business Letter

October 21, 2012

Professional Japanese Translation for ICANN Documents

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The internet may seem like something too vast and too wide-spread to have any kind of governance or regulatory guidelines - which, if broken, may have administrative, civil, or even penal consequences - but there is, in fact, a governing entity for the internet: ICANN.  And due to the nature of the internet, ICANN intrinsically demands professional translation for much of the correspondence, disputes and complaint filings that occur under it. 

This recently happened to a client of ours, who asked us for professional Japanese translation of a complaint and legal business letter notifying a Japanese website owner of his or her infringement.   English to Japanese translation of the letter notified the Japanese correspondent that he was illegally using a domain name in order to acquire rankings and traffic based upon upon that name recognition.  While we can't say what the domain name is, due to client confidentiality, it is one that is immediately recognizable to most Americans. 

Why You Need Professional Translation Service For ICANN Documents

It's not unheard of for a foreign website - or any website - to infringe upon globally recognized brand or celebrity name ownership, copyrights and domain names, which are often paired with a .biz or a .net.  While "tailgating" is merely frowned upon by some in the marketing industry - it is against ICANN rules.  In laymen's terms - it's breaking the law of the internet.  This is where professional legal translation and/or letter translation comes in handy.  After all, while ICANN may supply you with the correct proceedings and the basis upon which to pursue legal prosecution, they don't provide translation services to communicate those proceedings.

The ICANN letter we provided Japanese translation for was very specific, complete with legal and business jargon.  Copying and pasting your letter into Google translate will not cut it, and whoever you might be compiling a complaint against will have no idea what's going on.  The only route to take is to acquire services from a professional translation company with both legal and business translation proficiency.  And preferably, a low cost translation service.  After all, you don't want to dish out more money than necessary, when you are the one with the grievance.

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