Polish to English Birth Certificate Translation

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Polish to English Birth Certificate Translation

June 12, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Urgent translations are required for a wide range of reasons, such as the Polish to English birth certificate translation that Tomedes undertook at short notice recently. The client was applying for a visa and need a translated, certified copy of his birth certificate as soon as possible. 

Tomedes was only too happy to help. Our global network of professional translators covers almost all language pairings and means that we have the flexibility to respond to urgent requests extremely quickly. Our leading translator in Melbourne, Australia was available to start work immediately when the request came in, so we quickly assigned the job to him. 

As well as needing to be certified and translated in a hurry, the birth certificate also presented the problem of it being almost illegible in places. Thankfully we knew just what to do, using our desktop publishing team to enhance and sharpen the image until it was legible. 

The client was thrilled. For an extremely competitive price he received the English version of his birth certificate, along with a certificate of translation, less than 48 hours after he first contacted Tomedes. This meant he was able to submit his visa application on time and move on to the next stage of that process. 


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