English to Spanish Medical Records Translation Services

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English to Spanish Medical Records Translation Services

June 30, 2020

By Ofer Tirosh

The world is in the grips of the greatest health crisis in living memory, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting daily life for billions of people. The novel coronavirus outbreak has impacted businesses and countries in myriad ways, as the medical community around the world fights an invisible enemy. 

This battle has given rise to increased demand for medical translation services, as countries seek to work together to share information as rapidly and thoroughly as possible. In one recent example of this, a client called on Tomedes’ medical translation service to provide her with an urgent translation from English to Spanish. 

Certified Medical Records Translation 

Medical translation is a skilled practice, where accuracy is of the utmost importance. Those providing medical translation services must focus on quality for each and every job – there is no room for error when it comes to translating healthcare information. 

In this instance, the client needed us to provide a medical record translation service in relation to a batch of patients whose details were being analysed in order to spot patterns occurring as part of a wider dataset. 

The client needed the documents translated urgently, so we sprang straight into action. Tomedes’ medical records translation services support clients around the globe, covering a wide range of language pairings. For each of these, we ensure that our translators are highly experienced, with the detailed knowledge needed to translate complex medical phrases with ease. 

In addition to the translation of patient records, such as those needed by this client, our medical document translation services are available to healthcare providers, patients, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and more, all of whom have a diverse range of translation needs. You can read a further example of our medical translation expertise in action by clicking the link below. 

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Accurate Translations by Our Spanish Medical Translator

The level of linguistic skill required to translate medical documents is immense. The translator must not only have a sound knowledge of medical terminology and concepts in their native language, but also in their second tongue. 

In this instance, the client needed the medical records translated from English to Spanish. That meant using a native Spanish translator, as using a native speaker of the target language helps to assure the quality of the resulting translation. 

The client was in a hurry for her translation, which posed no problem for the Tomedes team. Our native Spanish medical translator was ready to get to work at once and is well used to working to strict deadlines. In fact, we are happy to provide an urgent translation service for all manner of documents, regardless of the language pairing or the type of translation required. You can read an example of our medical record translation service in action for another language pairing by clicking the link below. 

In this instance, our medical translator worked quickly and methodically through the patient records, ensuring she translated each one accurately before moving on to the next. To double check the accuracy, we used a second translator to proofread each of the translations, as agreed with the client before we began the job. 

This ‘belt and braces’ approach of using a second translator as a proofreader delivers peace of mind to the client. We are also happy to provide a certified medical translation service in order to evidence the accuracy of any translation that we undertake. This is something that those requesting USCIS medical translation (that is, medical translation for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services) often request, though we also provide it for a wide range of other purposes.   

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English to Spanish Translation Services

English to Spanish is one of the most commonly requested translation services that Tomedes delivers. Clients in mainland Europe, the US and Latin America regularly use our English to Spanish translation services to meet their business and personal needs. 

Our emphasis on accuracy and timely deliver is particularly important to many of the clients who come to us seeking an English to Spanish translator. That was certainly the case with this recent client, who chose to use Tomedes based on precisely these factors (in addition to our medical translation expertise, of course!). 

A key part of providing a successful English to Spanish translation service like this is ensuring that our translators’ language skills match our clients’ requirements. That means using Mexican Spanish speakers for documents intended for Mexico, translators in mainland Spain for translations required there and so forth. 

While the Spanish used in each of these locations is mutually intelligible, there are sufficient differences between the languages to make these kinds of distinctions essential, just as there are between the versions of English used in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the world. As such, we ensure that we assign a suitably local Spanish translator for each and every English to Spanish job that we undertake. 

Network of Experts in the Field of Medicine

In order to provide such a comprehensive range of language pairings, Tomedes has spent more than a decade building up a network of professional translators. Doing so means that we are able to call on a relevant local expert each and every time, with our clients benefitting as a result. 

Nor is accessing our translators’ local language expertise the only purpose behind our network. We have also built it up based on our translators’ knowledge of particular sectors and subjects. This means that we can quickly access not just a Spanish translator from the right part of the world for a certain job, but one who has the expert knowledge needed. 

In this case, for example, we were able to scan our network for experts in the field of medicine. Given the urgency of the client’s request, this was essential. We needed to get to work straight away and that was precisely what our network enabled us to do. 

As a medical translation company with a global client base, this network is an essential component of Tomedes’ business. That’s why we have placed such emphasis on maintaining it over the years. It means we can get to work quickly for each and every client, providing them with the linguistic skills and specialist expertise that they need without any undue delay at the start of the translation job. 

Becoming a medical translation agency certainly doesn’t happen overnight – thorough networks of this nature can take years to develop fully. However, it’s well worth doing, given the rapidity of response that the network can then enable. It means that we have global medical translation expertise, as well as pharmaceutical translation expertise, at our fingertips in an instant. 

Do you have a medical document that you need translated? If so, it’s time to connect with the Tomedes team. We’ll assign you an account manager as well as a professional translator and you’ll have access to our 24/7 customer support service as standard. We are used to working to tight deadlines and to meeting complex translation needs, so why not put our team of professionals to the test? You can contact us by phone, email or live chat. We look forward to delivering your next translation! 

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