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We quite recently provided local government translation from Chuukese to English for a New York state county.

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County Government Chuukese Translation Service in New York

August 16, 2010

Government Document Translation from English to Chuukese

Recently a client contacted us to ask us for a language translation service that is less commonly provided by other professional translation companies. While the Chuukese language is spoken more often in the U.S. than most people are aware, Chuukese is a rare language translation service that we are proud to provide to individuals, businesses, and state, local or even federal governments. Chuukese translation would probably charge you considerably high translation rates if you could manage to find it from another top translation service. However, one of the advantages of using Tomedes as a rare language translation service is that we provide low cost translation rates, regardless of how uncommon the language or how scarce the translators.

For this particular translation, a county government in New York (client information is prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) contacted us for a Chuukese to English translation for several county government services, which include housing services, employment and labor department, Chamber of Commerce local chapter, small business services, and many others. Their request was passed on to our translators for professional Chuukese translation of several local government information forms, pamphlets, letters, applications, and other documents for county services. To get a free quote on any Chuukese translation service, or for any government document translation, whether something like a simple government application form or a visa translation, simply send us your files using the menu on the left, or input the total word count for translation. You'll be provided with an instant estimate of our consistently low translation rates, so you can see for yourself what makes us different from any other leading translation services.

Immigration Translation in Miami and Local Government Translation in New York

While this current request was a local county government needing Chuukese translation in New York, they are not the first local, state or federal government to contact Tomedes for language translation service. Recently we have also provided a local Canadian government with Inuktitut translation for local service documents for Inuktitut senior citizens; visa translation and immigration translation in Miami from Albanian to English. These are just a couple of examples of the many federal, state and local government clients we have provided professional document translation for, among many of our other professional translation services.

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