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Business translation is essential for many companies, just like the Italian to English human resource translation that Tomedes undertook last week.

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Italian to English Human Resource Translation

April 28, 2014

Business translation, particularly relating to employment contracts and other human resource topics, is essential for many cross-border companies, just like the Italian to English human resource translation of an employment contract that Tomedes undertook last week.

As employment contracts are legal documents, the client wanted an official Certificate of Translation to be provided along with the English version of her company document. Tomedes was most happy to oblige – this is a service that we are able to offer for all translated documents.

We contacted one of our leading Italian translators, based in the English city of Stoke, who had previously worked in recruitment in London for several years before becoming a translator. His career experience and linguistic ability meant he was the perfect candidate for the job and he got to work straight away.

The employment contract was a complicated one, as it contained an extensive set of terms and conditions, but it posed no problem for our expert translator. Within three days he had completed the work and we had provided the English version of the human resource contract to the client. She was delighted with the high quality of the translation and with the speed of the Tomedes translation service, as well as with our extremely competitive price. 

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