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The client produced a product that she intended to sell internationally; Spanish and French translations of the instructions were required.

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Spanish and French translations of an English instruction manual

June 10, 2015

We were recently contacted by a client who manufactures and sells healthcare products to a global market. The client is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is well-known within the healthcare retail sector.

We’ve worked with this client on a previous occasion, and this time the client had produced a new product that she intended to sell internationally: the product is battery powered and designed to be used on the skin to help rejuvenate and moisturise it. Because of the relative complexity of the product, an instruction manual was necessary to explain how to operate and maintain the device. And as the product was intended to be sold in multiple countries, Spanish and French translations of the instructions were required.

Our client contacted Tomedes to request the Spanish and French translations, and we assigned two of ourbest translators to the project. The instruction manual was relatively short in length, and so it was possible to return the completed translations to the client within 24 hours. Our project manager coordinated the work and localization details with the two translators, allowing our translators to harmonize their work. The final versions of the two translations both accurately conveyed the source text’s key points in their respective languages. 

The client was pleased with the two translations, and looked forward to shipping her new product. She thanked the translators and our project manager for their efficiency and quality of service, and we hope to hear from this client again soon.

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