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The material included contractual arrangements, and so it was critical that the translations were flawless.

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Human Resource Documents Translation into Japanese for New Employees

February 01, 2015

Tomedes is very pleased to have a large number of ongoing clients who continue to value our service. One such client recently got back in touch again as his company was planning to open a new office in Japan. Due to this, the client required his company’s human resource documentation to be translated into Japanese for new employees.

The material included contractual arrangements, and so it was critical that the translations were flawless. Based on past experience, the client knew that Tomedes was proven to be dependable, and after consulting with Mary Ann, Tomedes’ account manager, the client was happy to see that Tomedes’ still provided the same industry leading value that made us so appealing to the client initially.

As the translation began, Nadia was assigned to manage the project, and she selected Tarou as this project’s translator, based on his native-speaking ability and his past experience of working with similar human resource documentation. Nadia was also able to confirm that the documents would be returned to the client within the week, which was a very quick turnaround time considering the amount of work required for this particular project.

Having a translator with knowledge of the document’s context, in addition the ability to produce high-quality translations, gives an extra level of expertise to completed translations. Tomedes always chooses translators with relevant experience in the type of documentation that they will be working on. In this case, Tarou’s completed translation read very naturally, and the client was impressed with the result, confirming that it wouldn’t be the last time that Tomedes heard from his company. 

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