German to English legal document translation

A recent client requested German to English translation for a batch of legal documents, in relation to a real estate matter.

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German to English legal document translation

April 04, 2018

When clients need legal document translation, they usually need it in a hurry. That’s why we have a network of tried and tested legal translators available to cover a wide selection of language pairings. Our translators’ linguistic abilities are backed by extensive experience of successful legal document translation for clients all around the world. 

A recent client requested German to English translation for a batch of legal documents, in relation to a real estate matter that he needed to sort out. He was in a rush, so opted for the Tomedes urgent translation service, to make sure that he received his translation in the shortest time possible. 

Our German to English legal translator got to work right away, so as not to lose any time in translating the client’s paperwork. Each of his translations was checked by our quality assurance team, who oversee the accuracy of Tomedes’ translations, before being passed over to the client. 

The client was impressed with the speed of service, as well as the quality of the translations. Having English-language versions of the documents to hand meant that he could proceed with absolute confidence, certain that he was not missing anything in the legal small-print. 

In fact, the client was so pleased that he swiftly assigned a further batch of translations to Tomedes. These were ancillary documents (mainly emails) that he had initially thought he could understand well enough to make do. However, given the speed and excellent value for money of the Tomedes professional translation service, he felt confident in proceeding with translating these documents as well. Another success for the Tomedes team! 

If you have a legal matter that spans more than one language, don’t leave anything to chance. Tomedes is here to help you understand your legal documents, no matter which languages they may be written in! Contact us to find out more. 

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