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Our client is working for a cruise company who required a Danish translation of the documents detailing the new ships they added to their fleet.

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A Fast Danish Translation for a Cruise Company

January 29, 2015

A new client in the international tourism industry contacted us recently. The client was working for a cruise company who was planning to add some new liners to their fleet, and the company required some documents detailing the new ships to be translated into Danish for one of their overseas offices.

Jerry (one of our account mangers) replied to this client’s enquiry within the hour, explaining that a quotation was being processed and that he’d be happy to help the client with anything in the meantime.

The client did have a question about our service – he wanted to know what measures we took to ensure that our completed translations were made to the highest possible quality. 

Jerry was pleased to ensure the client that all of our completed translations come with a one-year guarantee: if the translation is found to be unsatisfactory during this period, then it will be retranslated or refunded free of charge to the client.

The client was happy with this, and he commissioned the translation to commence. Amy, one of our leading, native speaking translators began work on the project, and it wasn’t long before the completed translation was handed back to the client.

The client was thrilled by the speed at which the translation was completed, and he found our service to be of exceptionally good value too.

The client said goodbye, thanking Jerry and Amy for making the translation process as smooth as possible, and mentioning that he’d be in touch again in the future!

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