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A valued client contacted Tomedes to enquire about a new project: translation of technical documents from a highly specialized field (espresso machine maintenance).

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English to Spanish Technical Translation

December 17, 2014

A valued, ongoing client contacted Tomedes to enquire about a new project. As she was used to communicating with Tomedes, the client was able to get in touch with a project manager (in this case, Nadia) directly to request a quotation. 

The client wished for a complete translation of a number of technical documents from a highly specialized field (espresso machine maintenance), and Nadia soon got back to her with a competitive quotation and a very reasonable suggested timeframe for the translation.

Tomedes always seeks to match up translators who have relevant background experience to corresponding projects, and Nadia chose Amy to translate the client’s documents. Amy’s general experience in technical writing endowed her with the skills that are required to smoothly translate complex technical documents. 

After the client approved the project, Amy set to work. Amy’s eye for detail led her to ask for some clarification about certain phrases and words that sounded unfamiliar to her. Whilst the client directed Amy to the course of action that she’d like Amy to take with these particular phrases and words, the client was grateful to find that Amy also picked up on a number of typing mistakes in the original document!

The translation was completed within the agreed timeframe, and the client was happy that Amy took the time to meticulously ensure that the best words for the highly specialized material were used throughout the translation. 

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