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The English to Spanish educational translation completed by Tomedes highlighted the need to reach out to children in a range of languages.

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English to Spanish Educational Translation

August 26, 2014

The English to Spanish educational translation recently completed by Tomedes highlighted the importance of reaching out to children in a range of languages in order to give them the best possible start in life. 

Educational translation incorporates the translation of textbooks, workbooks, software packages, websites and many more tools used in the educating of our offspring. This particular job was for the translation of a software package that helped children to learn about the sciences. The manufacturer had released his product in the UK, with great success, and was looking to capture the Spanish market next, before moving on to the US and Latin America. 

This strategy meant that he required the educational program to be available in Spanish. Tomedes quickly provided an extremely competitive quote for the work and the client appointed us immediately to proceed. 

Just eight days later, our leading English to Spanish translator, based in Santander, had completed the job. The Tomedes professional proofreaders then got to work to ensure that the translation was perfect before it was handed back to the client. With this completed, we presented the client with his translated software package. He was delighted to receive such a high quality translation so fast – and for such a good price

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