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Apps need to be available in multiple languages in order to reach a global audience. Our team recently translated one from English to Portuguese.

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Translating an app from English to Portuguese

October 07, 2015

Although English is the most commonly used website language, accounting for more than 50% of published content, businesses wishing to take a global approach to their sales need to consider reaching out to customers in more than just English. 

Tomedes was recently asked by a client to undertake the translation of an app from English to Brazilian Portuguese. With 204 million speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, according to the language catalog Ethnologue, it is easy to see why the client felt this sizeable market was worth tapping in to. 

With a team of skilled professional translators around the globe, Tomedes was happy to take on the app translation and the client’s fast turnaround time posed no problem for us. 

We used a Rio-based translator for this job. We always find that using native speakers of the target language results in the best translation, where not only the words are translated beautifully but also the meaning. With subtle differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, we also knew that in order to respect regional variation we needed a Brazilian Portuguese translator. 

It is our attention to details like these that has earned Tomedes such a good reputation with our clients. We work hard to ensure that every single translation is undertaken by a native speaker of the target language and we never rely on machine translation – it’s just not good enough. Perhaps the day will come when it is, and when the shape of the translation industry will change significantly, but that day is still some way off. 

In the meantime, Tomedes’ professional human translators will continue to provide fast, accurate translation to our customers around the world. If you have a translation need and want to join our ranks of happy customers, then call or email us with the details for an instant quote.

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