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A member of our medical translation team recently helped a new client with a translation from English to Japanese.

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English to Japanese medical translation

March 06, 2019

From individual patient requests to services for organisations ranging from insurance companies to charities, there are plenty of people in need of accurate medical translation. Translating medical documents requires exceptional attention to detail, as well as linguistic skill, as a single mistake can have extremely grave consequences. That’s why Tomedes only works with highly skilled medical translators who are known for producing flawless translations. 

A member of our medical translation team recently helped a new client with a translation from English to Japanese. The client was undertaking voluntary work and needed the translation as part of the project that she was involved in. We were most happy to help! 

Based in the bustling Japanese port city of Yokohama, our local language professional is a highly experienced medical translator who was able to get to work straight away on the client’s document. His extensive history of medical translation work meant that he was ideally placed to take on this job. 

The client had also asked about our desktop publishing service, as she wanted to turn the translated copy into a leaflet. Again, we were happy to oblige. It’s often easier for us to work with different writing systems than it is for our clients and we have a desktop publishing team in place for precisely this kind of service. 

After translating the client’s document, we laid it out as a simple leaflet, as per her instructions and using the images she had provided. She was thrilled to see the finished product, which was precisely what she had been looking for. Another very happy Tomedes customer! 

If you have a translation need – with or without a desktop publishing requirement! – the Tomedes team is here to help. You can obtain an instant quote from our website and speak to our helpful staff by email, phone or live chat. We look forward to serving you! 

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