English to Irish Gaelic marketing document translation

Tomedes was recently asked to translate a marketing document from English to Irish. The languages are very different, both in written form and syntax.

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December 28, 2016

Irish Gaelic has some 140,000 native speakers in the Republic of Ireland, along with as many as 1.6 million people who speak it as a second language, spread across Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Tomedes was recently asked to translate a marketing document from English to Irish. The two languages are very different, both in their written form and in their syntax (Irish uses a verb-subject-object word order). Thankfully, we have professional human translators on hand to provide English to Irish translation.  

This client approached us after using our online instant quote service. She needed the translation in a hurry and spoke to us through our website chat feature regarding the Tomedes urgent translation service. We were happy to be able to provide a skilled Irish translator who could complete the work in time for the client’s deadline. 

Based in Dublin, our Irish translator had a keen interest in marketing, so we knew she would be well suited to the job at hand. We always seek to use native translators in this way, as it makes for a better quality of translation. This is why Tomedes has the confidence to offer a one-year guarantee for every translation that we produce. 

As this client wanted to present the information to her customers in the same glossy format as she presented her English marketing copy, she also used our desktop publishing team. This team is on hand to prepare translated material to match the format of the original language. Their expertise means that clients don’t have to try and typeset words that they don’t understand, which can be a tricky and lengthy task. 

The client was delighted with the overall result. Her translation was provided on time and looked fantastic – precisely what she needed!

Tomedes has translators available to cover a wide range of language pairings. Speak to us today about all of your business translation needs. 

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