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A recent client asked Tomedes to provide Hebrew translation for her corporate website to expand her customer base.

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Perfect Hebrew Translation

June 28, 2017

Translating a company website is a key task for any business, no matter how large or small. A website is a business’ window to the world. A decent website can do wonders for driving up customer engagement, promoting services and increasing revenue. A poorly translated website, however, can do just the opposite. That’s why website translation is such a crucial task to get right. 

A recent client asked Tomedes to provide Hebrew translation for her corporate website. Her goal was to expand her customer base, as well as getting more attention for her brand. Tomedes has a team of more than 5,000 professional translators, so we were quickly able to identify the perfect Hebrew translator for this job. Our translator had extensive marketing translation experience, so we knew that he had the perfect skill set to work with this client. 

The client was in a hurry to publish her website in Hebrew, so opted for our urgent translation service. This ensured that her website was translated in plenty of time for her deadline, so that she could stick to the marketing schedule that she had devised. 

The client also asked our translation company to provide her with a localization service. A localization service considers the content of a document (in this case, a website) from the cultural perspective of the intended audience. It works with the document’s author to filter out any material that is acceptable in the source language but that would be inappropriate in the target country. This type of localization is beneficial for companies that want to ensure they avoid reputational damage based on the content of their documents not fitting with local cultures. This was precisely the case with this client. 

The translation was completed on good time and the client was delighted with the translation cost charged by Tomedes. She has gone on to successful launch the Hebrew version of her website and is already gaining customers as a result. 

For further details of our professional website translation service, contact Tomedes today. 

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