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A new client recently asked Tomedes to provide him with a Chinese translation service for her website.

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English to Chinese website translation

September 16, 2018

A new client recently asked Tomedes to provide him with a Chinese translation service for her website. As well as text-based pages, the site included a number of product demonstration videos, all of which needed to be translated too. 

Video translation requires the translator to perform a number of tasks in addition to the core translation work. Transcription of the video content, along with time-stamping, has to be undertaken in order to ensure that the translated copy can be paired with the appropriate visual elements. 

With a handful of videos on the site, along with multiple pages of copy, our Chinese translator had her work cut out. Thankfully, her extensive experience meant that she was well prepared for the work at hand. She worked calmly and methodically through the site, producing page after page of accurate Chinese translation. Throughout the process, she used the free Tomedes Text Summarizer to capture the copy she needed from each page of the website. 

The client was delighted with the speed and quality of the translated website. She had been looking to launch her brand in China for some time, but wanted to ensure that everything was perfect before she did so. The website translation was a key part of her strategy. (She also had a number of brochures that she wanted translated, but the website was her initial priority.)

The client was also pleased with the cost of the translation, which was well within her budget and provided excellent value for money. 

Tomedes serves a broad range of clients around the world and provides 24/7 customer service. As such, we are ready and waiting to help meet all of your translation needs, no matter what they may be. We translate more than 90 languages, so are confident that we can help you. Why not put us to the test and find out for yourself? 

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