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Translation of a CV or resume requires localized translation service in addition to knowledge of specific resume formats and content requirements from culture to culture.

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CV translation services

November 01, 2010


If you intend to migrate to another country you might need to have the required documents translated into that country’s language. At Tomedes, we have been working at translating such documents like CVs, Statement of Purpose and Cover letters among others, in a wide variety of languages.

It has been our experience that literal translations are not effective enough; in fact sometimes they can turn out to be detrimental when the information that is intended to be conveyed is distorted or lost in the process of translation.


High Quality

Our high quality CV translation service provides you with the perfect resume, no matter which country you want to work in. Impress potential employers from the outset with your word-perfect CV thanks to our top quality translation service.


Native Translators

We use native speakers of the CV's target language in order to provide the most accurate translation possible. Our native translators have the language skills and knowledge needed to make your CV shine.


Fast Delivery

Waiting to submit a job application can mean someone else pipping you to the post. That's why we provide fast delivery of all CV translations, so that you can keep up with the competition and pursue your career goals without delay.

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