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A corporate client needed to use our Chinese translation service in order to convert her business documents from Chinese to English.

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Chinese to English document translation services

September 11, 2019

Demand for document translation around the world is huge. As a translation company that’s been operating for more than a decade, Tomedes has seen several notable spikes in demand for translation and interpretation services. 

Now, CSA Research has confirmed our anecdotal experience – that the global translation industry is on the up. Indeed, the 14th annual language services and technology market study – click here to read a quick summary of it – reported that the sector had grown by 7.99% over the course of the previous year, to a projected revenue of US$46.52 billion in 2018. 

Accurate Chinese translation services for businesses 

Such huge numbers are impressive, but the art of being a successful translation company still comes down to providing personalised services for individual customers. A recent Chinese translation that Tomedes completed is a good example of this. 

A corporate client needed to use our Chinese translation service in order to convert her business documents from Chinese to English. We got to work right away. 

Speedy document translation services

The client was in need of her business documents in a hurry, so used our express translation service. This is available to any client who is in need of their translation particularly quickly – simply ask our helpful team for details when you contact us (you can do so by live chat, phone or email). 

Our translator worked quickly but carefully through each document in the batch, translating each one from the original Chinese to English. The client was delighted with both the speed at which the work progressed and the translation cost. 

Outstanding customer care

The client was also thrilled to receive such attentive customer care. This is a core part of the Tomedes service offering and the reason why many clients consider us to be the best translation agency that they have used. 

We provide a tailored service that meets the needs of each individual customer, matching our translators carefully to our customers’ business sectors, as well as their language requirements. 

Part of our service is also to provide each client with their own account manager – someone they can turn to should they have a query about any aspect of the translation service that we provide. Furthermore, our support service is available 24/7, so whichever time zone our customers are in, there’s always someone available to talk with them by phone or by email. 

Why not send us your next translation job in order to find out for yourself how good the Tomedes experience is? 

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