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Tomedes recently assigned two translators to work on a huge English to Spanish business translation, with regular progress reports to the client

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Huge English to Spanish business translation

October 04, 2015

Here at Tomedes we undertake translation jobs of every size, from individual business cards to vast documents. Recently a client asked us to undertake a huge translation from English to Spanish as part of his business’ expansion into parts of Latin America. 

This job was so large that we set two of our translators to work at once in order to complete the translation in time for the client’s deadline without rushing the work. We understand that translation is an art and that rushing it through can result in mistakes. As Tomedes aims to provide perfect translations every time, we knew that it would take two of our best translators to get this particular job done. 

Both of our translators were based in Colombia and had completed plenty of business translations for us in the past. We knew they would provide clear, accurate text in perfect Spanish. 

In order to keep the client updated, we provided him with regular reports regarding the translators’ progress. This meant that the client was always fully aware of how well the translators were getting on and reassured that the final document would be ready in time for his deadline. 

After each section of the document was finished, a member of our Tomedes proofreading team reviewed it to ensure consistency across the work of the two Spanish translators. This can be helpful with jobs of this nature, to ensure that the final translated document flows naturally despite having been split between two different individuals. 

After a week of intense work, the Spanish version of the document was available for the client. He was thrilled with Tomedes’ performance and has several more jobs lined up for us in the future. 

Whatever your document or the language you need, Tomedes has the translator for you at a great price. Contact us now for an immediate quote. 

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