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The client and her team created a variety of informational resources about solar energy; these resources required translation into formal Arabic

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An Arabic translation of English educational resources

June 16, 2015

We were contacted by a client representing an egalitarian project at a leading university. The project is part of the university’s overarching focus on renewable energy, involving various different departments. The overall goal of the client’s project is to specifically establish energy independence for K–12 schools in West Bank, Palestine, while also educating teachers and students about the science behind solar energy.

The client and her team created a variety of informational resources about solar energy (including videos to lesson plans) with the hope that they would make learning about solar energy engaging for both teachers and students in Palestine. Whilst producing these resources, the client and her team realised that it would be beneficial to have the resources translated into the formal Arabic used in the West Bank. The client stressed that accurate localization was imperative to this project’s success.

The client attached three sample documents, with more to follow if she liked the completed translations. A member of our team replied to the client within the hour, attaching a favourably-priced quotation for her consideration. The client thought the quotation to be of exceptionally good value and ordered the translation to begin.

A native-speaking Arabic translator was chosen, who had knowledge of the formal-style Arabic that the client wanted the document to be translated in. The translator’s experience in the document’s subject matter, along with an understanding of how formal Arabic differs from regular Arabic, allowed him to produce a professional translation of the document, accurately localised and ready to be used in the classroom.

The client was impressed by the quality of the three translated documents, and went on to commission Tomedes to translate further resources for her team’s project.


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