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A recent Tomedes client needed an educational text translation from English to Spanish.

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English to Spanish educational text translation

January 30, 2019

Sharing knowledge in other countries is a key part of building a closer, more connected world and translation and localization services play an important role in this, as was demonstrated recently by a Tomedes client who needed an educational text translation from English to Spanish. 

We used one of our network of outstanding Spanish translation professionals to undertake this job. We always seek to use a native of the target language, as this makes for a higher quality translation. Thankfully, with thousands of translators in our network, finding a sector-specific specialist who is a native speaker of the required target language is rarely a problem for the Tomedes team.

For this client, time was very much of the essence, so he opted to use our urgent translation service. This is the fastest way of obtaining a translation in a hurry, without compromising on quality. 

We got to work straight away. Our Spanish translator worked diligently on the copy, which was reviewed by our quality assurance team (as part of our standard quality checks) before being presented to the client. 

The client was delighted with the result – a high quality translation that was produced quickly and efficiently, all at a price that he was extremely happy with. He has already put the translation to good use and is looking forward to using the Tomedes translation service again as and when he needs a further educational translation. 

Every day, Tomedes is enabling clients around the world to go about their business in this way – by providing fast, professional translation services covering in excess of 90 language pairings. Our translators have extensive experience of everything from blog post translation to medical translation, so whatever specialism you need, we should have the ideal translator available for you. Why not contact us to find out? 

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