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Tomedes provides certified diploma translation for foreign college and high school diplomas accompanied by a guaranteed certification of your graduation credentials.

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We deliver high quality, diploma translation services that meet the rigid requirements of any academic agency or international organization. We work with the best translators to provide accurate document translations promptly anywhere in the world.

Certified Diploma Translation Services - 1 year Guarantee

Diploma translation services vary in reliability and thoroughness. You need to make sure that you get a certified diploma translation from a recognized translation authority in your jurisdiction.

Tomedes fields global linguistic teams to perform certified translations of high school diplomas, college diplomas and post graduate diplomas and certificates of every kind, validating your educational credentials all over the world. We offer a one-year guarantee after delivering assuring you of the quality and acceptability of our certified translation.

Diploma Translation Services - Explained

Certified diploma translations are required for anyone who has moved from a foreign country and needs to prove their educational accomplishments in another language.

Whether the diploma or certificate comes from a high school, college, university or any other educational institution, certified diploma translation provides a complete and accurate rendering of your document in another language. The translated diploma (and a transcript translation, if this is needed) is certified as reliable by Tomedes, with a one-year guarantee after delivery.


Types of Degree Certificates

You may be surprised at how many varieties of degree certificates and diplomas there are. Don’t worry. Tomedes has experience translating every type in more than 1,000 language pairs.

High School Diplomas


You may be surprised by how many employers and educational institutions want to see your high school diploma years after your graduation. When you went to high school in a foreign-speaking country, you will need to get a certified diploma translation.

Undergraduate Degrees and Diplomas


Undergraduate diplomas need to be translated to confirm what they say and mean in a foreign speaking country. To verify that your degree is valid, you need to obtain a certified diploma translation to prove your educational achievements.

Graduate Degrees and Certificates

As you climb the rungs of educational achievement, you achieve international recognition. But to prove the meaning and veracity of your graduate diploma degree abroad, you may need to obtain a certified diploma translation. Tomedes can provide this for you.

Use Cases for Diploma Translation

Tomedes specializes in providing diploma translations of all kinds, from high school diploma translation to undergraduate and graduate diploma and certificate translations. But our certified translation services to scholars extends further.


College Applications


Before you need to get your diploma translated, you first need to be accepted! When you are applying to a school, college or university in a foreign language, that’s not easy. Tomedes can assist you in translating your college application.

Graduate School Applications


Often those who attain an undergraduate degree seek to extend their education abroad. Often that means applying in a foreign language and to be judged on the quality of that application. Tomedes can help you get in by translating your graduate school application.

Job Applications


If you seek employment outside your native land, there’s a good chance that you will need to apply for jobs in an unfamiliar language. Don’t worry. Just call Tomedes. We’ll translate your job applications supporting credentials into the required language.

Our Recent Diploma Translations


With translation experts in more than 100 countries and experience with 1,000+ language pairs, Tomedes can handle any diploma translation.

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Diploma Translation in any Language

Regardless of where you came from and where you’re going, Tomedes has you covered. Our global team is on call 24/7 to provide rapid responses to every translation need, including our specialization in diploma translation of every kind.

Our expert linguists are located in over 100 countries on five continents. They have been trained and certified for translating more than 1,000+ language pairs. Tomedes is here to serve you and all of your language needs. Give us a call.

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